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Annmarie Kelly |
You played brilliantly as the opening parade at Glasgow Show 2012.
21 July 2012 - Glasgow, Scotland.
John Preston |
Missing part to xmas these days not hearing the band on xmas.
12 May 2012 - Whitehead. Northern Ireland
eileen corr |
hi, i'm willie corr's eldest daughter, eileen, sadly my dad passed away 23rd march 2012. would be grateful for any info on his time with st. francis' band. thank you.
2 May 2012 - glasgow scotland
Mark Donachie |
Just a message about my Dad Jim Donachie who was in your band and passed away last week. You were a great piper and the family were all proud of you.
3 April 2012 - Glasgow
danny ferry |
wishing all past and present members a happy new year
31 December 2011 - east kilbride
kevin kelly |
all the best for the coming year
4 November 2011 - new zealand
Alec Brown |
Good to see the band looking and sounding great.Keep up the good work. Best wishes from all in the Arranmore Pipe Band
6 September 2011 - Arranmore Island. Co, Donegal
Zak Loughran |
My grandad Billy Masterson now 72 played under father bernard in the 1950's. He played the tennar drum and travelled to balbriggan several times. He is on the homepage photograph (Black and white photo in Errol St) nice to hear of anyone with memories of those days
6 September 2011 - Essex (previously Rutherglen)
william masterson |
writing this on behalf of my dad[he doesn't do computers] he looks back on his days in the band with great pride and loved all his trips to bilbrigan, once he starts talking about it you can see how much he loved it, think he wishes he could do it all again
27 July 2011 - rutherglen glasgow
Bill McIntosh |
Keep the fire burning Hail Hail from Johannesburg
10 March 2011 - SOUTH AFRICA

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