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Kevin Starrs ( member 1977-1979) |
Great website, hope to make it one of the practices on my next visit to Glasgow.
9 September 2003 - Huntingdon, England
marydiver |
i went to st francis in the 60.s lived in queenelizabeth sq remember some of the names mellon mc clafferty any one out there know me mary mc gee,sister ann mcgee
22 May 2003 - donegal ireland
Stephanie Langan |
Glad to see that the band is still going strong. big hello to Danny and Joe McCafferty from their cousin in Canada. cheers
20 May 2003 - Canada
Glad to see John Gunn finally gets a mention in the history. He is by far the most talented and best looking individual ever to grace the pipe band. Perhaps you can do a special feature on him.
22 January 2003 - Barbados

Webmaster comments   Never knew there was a pub in Greenock called Barbados! Classy, Jist like yersel!
Joe Hendry |
Advised of the page today and found it very interesting.I used to live opposite St.Francis and saw the band many times during the late 30's,40's and 50's
17/1/2003 - London,Ontario,Canada
Michael Black |
Yes Anthony, michael again.Just saw a photo of me in 1986 on the Tommy harrison's webpage. That must have been when I started.
12/12/2002 - Ireland
sandra mc carron |
Just to say the Ceilidh was a great night. As I won the soup you wont need a dram on Christmas Day. I'll just open the tin!!!!!!!!
Great site. Look forward to seeing you all.
16/12/2002 - Glasgow, Scotland
Jacobus |
Glad to be part of the gang (30 years) and proud to be a St.Francis/Campion AuldBoy.Let the soo-side Flourish and Hello to anyone who knows me.
19/12/2002 - Alba/Gorbalonian
Stevie Murray
Found the site through a link on the huddle board.
What is the band doing on the 22nd May.
Celtic Park, hint hint.
UEFA Cup coming to Paradise.
2 April 2003 - Scotland

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